Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I support Krystle for Congress!

We need a woman from Virginia in the U.S. Congress! We need a blogger in the U.S. Congress! We need all corners of the Commonwealth represented in Congress!

Therefore, I support Crystal Clear Conservative's run for the (hypothetical) 51st Congressional District which was recently redistricted into Virginia's political boundaries by the Barack Obama administration (thanks to

Krystle will be a voice for Life, Liberty, and Property! She will listen to the people, she will blog for the people, she will be the people! Please join me in supporting her as she seeks to represent the constituents of the 51st Congressional District!

From the candidate's website:
Lastly, if there were a 51st District in the Commonwealth of Virginia, I would be outspent and working hard to listen to the concerns of my residents. Since the Obama Administration messed up big time on, I am taking full advantage of their stupidity by running this segment.
Run, Krystle, run!

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