Sunday, November 29, 2009

MSM ignoring Climate-Gate?

This is a huge controversy ... a huge lie that has been ongoing for years ... the "global warming" hoax that is being disproved ... but the mainstream media are ignoring it. The hypocrisy continues as they wrap their arms tighter around a liberal agenda....

Meanwhile, DJ has been all over this story, exposing the fabrication at Virginia Virtucon with additional posts here, here, and here.

Also covering this is TidewaterLiberty who writes:
Not that you would know it from the mainstream press, but the largest economic fraud in history, greatly dwarfing the housing bubble, has just been revealed. The press on this side of the Atlantic is carefully avoiding it, but in Britain, where there is still a free press, Climategate is big news. Thousands of Emails between prominent UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change partisans were hacked from a university computer and posted online. They reveal a pervasive system of fraud, cover-ups, obstruction and conspiracy to conceal, and even destroy, contrary data, which has been held in secret for a decade.
Meanwhile, the question continues as to why Al Gore won't talk about this issue with Lord Monckton who is a climate global specialist.

This explosive issue is just beginning....

H/T to Greg the Fifer

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Thatcher's Child said...

Actually, the news is not big in Britain - its as quiet as anything on the fraud front - they are only reporting enough to stop the claim that they are censoring the story!

However, with the exception of the Daily Mail and the Telegraph online sites, the MSM is silent!