Monday, November 23, 2009

Climate Depot looks at ClimateGate

Thanks to Mark Morano at Climate Depot for the continuous updates....

Statement by Marc Morano of Climate Depot: 'The ClimateGate scandal exposes man-made global warming fears as quite simply the best science that agenda driven activists can manufacture. Claims that the UN IPCC is the 'gold standard' of scientific research have been forever tarnished.'

For latest info on the unfolding ClimateGate issue, go to

WSJ: ClimateGate tarnishes UN IPCC: Reveals 'questionable scientific practices' -- Attempts 'to present a 'unified' view; 'beef up' conclusions to present a 'big public splash'

Fox News: Climate Skeptics See 'Smoking Gun' Evidence of Collusion Among Climatologists and Manipulation of Data'

Warmist Death Star has been destroyed? 'The Death Blow to Climate Science': Climatologist says scandal reveals 'deliberate fraud'

UK Telegraph: 'For links to all the latest updates on this, I recommend Marc Morano's invaluable Climate Depot site'

Global warming alarmists act like a gang of co-conspirators rather than respectable scientists'

Associated Press: ClimateGate is 'stoking debate over whether some scientists have overstated the case for man-made climate change'

UPI: 'Climate change scientists falsified information to prove their case, skeptics of global warming say'

CBS News: 'At the center of the story is the claim that scientists were attempting to fudge temperature data to help bolster the theory that humans are to blame for global warming'

'Credibility of the UN IPCC took a serious hit when email exchanges between some of its senior authors'

Climate Fear Promoters: 'Morano and his site Climate Depot has become the climate conspiracy hub'

ClimateGate 'makes an utter mockery of the alarmists' claim that the science of global warming is settled in their favor'

Claim: Gore Now Wishes He Never Invented The Internet

ClimateGate reveals 'desperate push to pump global warming up' -- 'A political imperative pushed scientists into making ever more desperate professional choices'

'The UN IPCC gatekeepers have lost all credibility'

'The Amazing Revkin': 'Presto! Alarmist Emails Not Such a Big Deal' to NYT reporter

Update: 'CRU director admits emails seem to be genuine' -- Climatic Research Unit Hacked? 'Warmist conspiracy exposed?'

'The warmist conspiracy: The emails that most damn Phil Jones'

Update: CRU Emails - Searchable Database Set Up

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