Sunday, November 29, 2009

RT-D looks at McDonnell's disciplined campaign

The analyzing of Virginia's 2009 gubernatorial campaign continues as today's Richmond Times-Dispatch take a look back at what they consider a "competent versus incompetent" campaign between Republican Bob McDonnell and Democrat Creigh Deeds:
The McDonnell effort never faltered. The candidate and his team stayed on message. If someone were to ask aides who would win the Notre Dame game, the snap answer would say, "Bob's for jobs." "Honey, what's for breakfast?" "Bob's for jobs." And so on. McDonnell arrived early at breakfasts, lunches, and dinners -- and lingered. He did not rehash old stories about setting out for college with $80 in his pocket but would address issues of immediate concern to his audience. He explained the state implications of Obama's far-out agenda. His staff promptly returned calls and e-mails.
What many found interesting was the Washington Post's endorsement of Mr. Deeds prior to the Democrat Primary in June ... did it help him? Or was he just the lesser of three evils, so to speak, in the Democrat field? Because many credited the Post with his win, the Post's endorsement of Mr. Deeds for the general election caused some to wonder if he could be pushed over the finish line again ... but it was not to be.

So was the Democrat loss in Virginia also a loss to the Washington Post ... perhaps poetic justice for their 2006 "macaca" massacre of George Allen?

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