Monday, February 15, 2010

Biden's bizarre claim on Iraq ... Schieffer says, "Doesn't Bush deserve thanks, too?"

From BiasAlert:
Words never spoken before by a CBS News journalist: “Do you think also that George Bush would also need a little thanks for that? I mean, does he share in the credit or not?” That very unusual quest to credit former President Bush came from Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation, since even for him Vice President Joe Biden’s claim -- “Iraq, I think, is going to be one of the great achievements of this administration” -- was too much.
Biden's comment was too blatant even for CBS.

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Cargosquid said...

What I love is that when Biden takes credit for Iraq, and the O is blaming Bush for everything, including last year, they don't get the connection that when Bush gets the blame, he gets the credit, too.

If the President isn't going to accept responsibility for the bad stuff, he won't get credit for the good stuff.

Especially since the citizenry remembers his previous stance on the war.....