Sunday, February 14, 2010

A lazy Sunday afternoon

We're experiencing a lazy Sunday afternoon as the sun shines on the snow (there's still a foot or more on the ground). We've had a filling Valentine's dinner topped off with chocolates and flowers along with lively conversation.

SWAC Husband was planted in front of the television flipping back and forth between Daytona's NASCAR race and the Olympics but he's gone outside now to restock firewood because the "S" word is in the forecast again.

The kids are in front of the other TV watching the Olympics while SWAC Son restrings my 12-string guitar, bless his heart. If you've ever undertaken that task, you know why I'm glad he volunteered to do it.

The Waynesboro and Richmond newspapers have been devoured ... ads for Target, Ukrop's, Best Buy, and CVS have been passed around ... Ross Mackenzie's column has been read and approved as usual.

We reran the taped Olympic Opening Ceremonies and talked about the parts we liked and didn't. My favorite was the hoe-down with the Irish flair of fiddles and dancing ... SWAC daughter liked the whales ... none of us could understand the choice of music by k.d. lang because it was a downer kind of song for a celebration event (but the woman can sing just as powerfully as ever) ... and we watched again while the fourth torch trench did not rise from the floor as four torch-bearers stood and waited ... and waited ... and waited.

A quick check of email and response to a friend ... now I'm back upstairs where I can hear my guitar playing so it is restrung and ready to go. Remind me to tell that kid how wonderful he is....

It's a family kind of day in the Shenandoah Valley....

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