Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bush-Cheney alumni breakfast shows loyalty still intact

The press does not seem to understand why those who worked in the George W. Bush administration would not want to bash their former boss to the media. Think about it ... the media did a fine job of that themselves for eight years.

As a large group of former Bush administration workers gathered Friday in Washington, they were in no mood to reveal information to Jonathan Martin with the Politico, something he was having a difficult time understanding as he wrote about the party:
Just over a year after he left office, one part of President George W. Bush’s legacy is clearly intact: a code of omerta among his loyalists.

Friday morning brought about 700 Bush administration veterans to the basement ballroom of Washington’s J.W. Marriott for the first gathering of the Bush-Cheney Alumni Association.
One former Bush aide and one current Bush aide separately made a point of confronting this reporter to point out that the former president’s speech had been “off-the-record.”

Each seemed skeptical when told that this reporter hadn’t been in the room ...
Perhaps this jolly troupe did not want their words misunderstood, misconstrued, or twisted by a reporter looking for a story.

Besides, who could blame them for wanting their own private gathering after eight years of dealing with the biased mainstream media where everything the President did or said was looked at and criticized through the skewered eyes of a mostly-liberal press.

The President was his usual relaxed, low-key self as he addressed those who had been the wind beneath his wings during his years in the White House. Former Vice President Dick Cheney, recuperating from heart problems, was not able to join the party but received a visit at home from the former President.

After the terrorist attacks of 9/11, President Bush vowed to keep the American people safe ... and he kept that promise. To his critics I still ask, "What part of 'No bombs dropping on your head' do you not understand?"

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