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George Allen, American Energy Freedom Center, and the Willis Report

On Tuesday, October 26, 2010, George Allen – Chairman of the American Energy Freedom Center – was on the Fox Business Network’s The Willis Report, where he discussed EPA’s regulation of CO2 and the impact on the economy and jobs, including the manufacturing sector and coal industry.

In case you missed it, here is a transcript of the appearance:

George Allen on The Willis Report
Fox Business Network
October 25, 2010

HOST GERRI WILLIS: President Obama's Environmental Protection Agency
under more fire. That is because its regulations are expected to come
out in rapid fire succession over the next two years. They are aimed
squarely at business. Joining me is former senator and governor of
Virginia, George Allen. He is also chairman of the American Energy
Freedom Center. Governor, welcome, great to see you again.

GEORGE ALLEN: Good to be with you, Gerri.

WILLIS: You say the EPA is out of control that it is making one of the
biggest power grabs in Americans history. What are you so upset about?

ALLEN: I'm upset, just as a matter of we the people, our energy policy
ought to be decided by elected representatives, not unelected
bureaucrats with EPA. We know what their draconian regulations of CO2
will result in, skyrocketing electricity costs, higher fuel costs and
higher food costs. Meanwhile it is a real job killer, if you increase
the job of energy in our country it makes it less competitive for jobs
and they will go elsewhere where the costs are not as high.

WILLIS: Sir, we've done reporting on this, and we talked to people
about this. I'm curious, what regulation and what program are you
specifically concerned about? Is it controlling dust on farms? Is it
something else? What part of their new regulatory regime do you
consider a problem?

ALLEN: All right. Well the dust on farms is one. But the bigger one
that is going to affect everyone, not that we don't all eat, however,
the ones of regulation of co2, which is odorless, colorless,
substance. 96% of it occurs naturally in our environment. Mostly
coming from the ocean. 4% is manmade. They want to regulate that. It
is a direct attack on our most plentiful resource in our country,
which is coal. By every measurement, clean coal technology is the best
source available all across our country for affordable electricity.
And, if they're going to drive up the electricity costs in our
country, throw manufacturers, out of work, people related in the
coal-related businesses and all of us who use electricity, that hurts
us all at our kitchen table. This is the last time we want to be doing
something like that. Any other country in the world would consider our
coal resources a blessing. Unfortunately EPA looks at it as a curse.

WILLIS: You know, it is interesting that this is something you're
focusing on because we just talked to a representative from West
Virginia, where they're starting to deny some of these permits that
had already been approved.

ALLEN: Right.

WILLIS: and there is a big concern over that. Have you made a
headcount? Do you know how many jobs might be lost as a result of
these new rules that the EPA wants to put forward?

ALLEN: well there's all sorts of estimates, as far as the costs. In
fact the small business administration said the costs would be $1.75
trillion. And that would mean 1,500, excuse me, $15,500 per household.
So, you just got to figure, all right, how many people will be in
worse shape. Then if you're a business, particularly technology
businesses that need perfect power, no sags, no surges, needs to be
affordable, are they going to move their data storage facilities or
some of their other manufacturing to other countries where the
government is trying to get them, in that country, affordable
electricity contrary to what's happening here.

WILLIS: well, you know, this is interesting; this goes to operation of
boilers, which are in every business and every facility, across the
country. I mean, what is interesting about this is that just not coal.
It is not just farming. It really covers the breadth of American
business and public facilities and institutions. My question for you,
does the EPA operate in its own universe? Do they have to put anything
in front of congress? Or do they just implement the wishes and
directives of the administration here?

ALLEN: well, they do the latter, unfortunately, Gerri. However, the
Senate, actually had an opportunity to withdraw this authority in EPA
to set energy policy in our country. It was a 53 vote. There were some
Democrats who joined with all the Republicans but, in effect what they
did is abdicate their responsibility, their constitutional
responsibility and ceded that authority to unelected bureaucrats. So I
think one of the first things the new congress needs to do in addition
to preventing tax increases on a variety of is withdraw that authority
from EPA. We the people, through our representatives, should determine
policies, not these unelected bureaucrats. Folks can't vote these
people out of office.

WILLIS: all right.

ALLEN: in fact what they're doing, is, in my view, in effect, economic
unilateral disarmament. No other countries can impose these burdens on
their citizens.

WILLIS: Lisa Jackson is saying your arguments are all wet. Here is a
quote from her you can respond to. Today’s forecasts of economic doom
are almost identical to the doomsday predictions over last 40 years.
She is saying we heard it before. It is not true. How do you respond?

ALLEN: I will quote her. All of this is supposedly to change the
temperature of the earth by a fraction of one degree 50 years from
now. And the climate changes on our planet, it will be hotter and it
will be colder. The impact of the United States going alone, and
putting this burden on American businesses and jobs and citizens, she
even said if we're only ones doing it will have no impact on global
temperatures because china, India, Brazil, Russia, none of these
countries are going to do it. So it makes no sense whatsoever.

WILLIS: Governor, thank you for your time.

ALLEN: obviously, counterproductive. You're welcome, Gerri.

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