Friday, October 08, 2010

Virginia tea party convention ... live-blogging update 3

After a two-hour lunch/breakout session period, Doc Thompson from WRVA radio is warming up the crowd preparing for political pundit Dick Morris. Griff Jenkins from Fox News Channel has showed up to help James Rosen report on the convention.

"We're coming for you."  That's the line of the day from Dick Morris as he went through a list of Democrats who were need to be removed to great roars from the crowd. And then he added, "But nothing matters if you don't turn out to vote."

Just talked with a fella from the Bobby Powers and Party Time band from New Jersey who said he came into politics because of the tea party movement, and said we need more young people to be involved. I agreed, telling him I've volunteered the past 12 years, and one of the things I've done is work with young people. The 23-year-old chairman of the Staunton Republican Committee is an example of the youth who are the future of the Republican Party ... Andrew Vehorn who is with the Young Republicans ... lots of young people who have worked campaigns, chaired committees, run HQs ... doing whatever necessary to help elected principled individuals.

Chris Cassone just stopped by ... he will be singing in the morning before the sessions begin. Steve Rossie from the Family Foundation is on bloggers row.

The next session is being introduced ... a panel on state government reform with Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell and Republican Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, moderated by Bob Holsworth. Looking forward to this session....

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