Friday, October 08, 2010

Virginia tea party convention ... live-blogging part 4

Gov. Bob McDonnell and Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling just went on-stage with Bob Holsworth for the State Government Reform panel. Lt. Gov. Bolling spoke first. He started out with a cheer from the crowd and went on to say, "The people of America today are angry about a government that turns the cheek of indifference to their will. Government should be subservient to the people, not the other way around." Issues Americans are upset about, he said, are misguided health care reform that 60% of the people said they didn't want and didn't  need (applause), and that we needed to make government smaller, more efficient, tax less and spend less. (applause)

His introduction of the Governor was classic: "The Governor of the greatest state in the greatest nation on earth."

Gov. Bob McDonnell stood up on stage and called out, "Thank you, Tea Party Patriots!" (standing ovation)
 "Thank you for coming from all over this great Commonwealth of Virginia for the biggest tea party convention in the country. I'm honored to be your governor, following in the footsteps of Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry.  Thanks for hiring me!" (applause)

"It's been eight months and we've accomplished a lot but there lots more to do. I hope you're here because you love Virginia, America, your children, and grandchildren." (applause)

The panel discussion covered jobs, savings in government spending, and other issues. (Not able to completely cover it because we had people stopping by bloggers row.)

Jamie Radke was just interviewed by Fox News Channel, I suppose by Neal  Cavuto since it was his time slot and it wasn't by James Rosen or Griff Jenkins who are here. It was a long interview ... we couldn't hear it because of the background of the convention going on. She was later interviewed individually by Mr Rosen and Mr. Jenkins.

John Fund from the Wall Street Journal is always an excellent speaker, as I discovered when he has spoken in the past at American for Prosperity events. Today was no exception as he rallied the crowd.

Bloggers row was busy with many folks stopping by to say hello and talk. Rick Sincere arrived from Charlottesville just in time to interview Lt. Gov. Bolling. I'm trying to remember if I've left anyone out from today's bogging ... Saturday will have many more to cover the event.

I'm updating on Facebook, too, and hope to have better internet connection Saturday. The event has ended for the day and will resume at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow.

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