Sunday, August 26, 2012

70% of Obama Twitter followers are fake? Gasp!

In the "don't-color-me-shocked" category ... USA Today and The New York Times report that 70% of President Barack Obama's Twitter followers may be fake.

For someone who touts that he has over 18 million blue bird followers, that's quite a difference but, as they say, perception is everything in politics and Democrats are especially good at building that perception.

The rest of us aren't always especially good at weeding out their deception in perception.

However, a new Web tool developed for that purpose has proven to be what was needed to get to the bottom of it all. Fake Follower Check discovered that Lady Gaga and the President both have something in common: almost three-fourths of their "followers" are fake.

Now if they could develop something like that to find the pets and deceased people whose names are listed on voter rolls....

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