Friday, August 03, 2012

George Allen: 'Defense cuts will devastate Virginia's economy'

George Allen touring First Line Technology

George Allen has been traveling on the Virginia Voices tour and listening to families and small businesses crippled by Washington policies.

In a trip to First Line Technology in Chantilly, Allen heard from a small business directly impacted by impending Defense cuts that could cost Virginia over 200,000 jobs:
“The impending defense cuts are creating a lot of uncertainty in our industry, hindering our ability to plan, invest in new opportunities and hire more employees. We’re glad to hear from George Allen that he supports reversing these defense cuts to ensure that Virginians have the jobs to provide our military with the protections and tools they need.

“It gives you a much better context,” Mr. Allen said of the visit. “These are real people, creative small businesses, that are helping our troops, and could better help our troops that are being prevented from doing so because of the failures in Washington.”
George Allen for U.S. Senate

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