Thursday, August 23, 2012

Déjà vu at Washington Post ... Virginia conservative bloggers say 'enough'

Been there, read that. The Washington Post has geared up to once again provide unfair and unbalanced reporting during an election in which it offers biased "news" that is positive for the Democrats while relentlessly bashing Republicans with a continuous parade of hack pieces.

The Commonwealth's Jeffersoniad Conservative Blog Coalition has said enough.

Seventeen of Virginia's most prominent and active conservative bloggers including Bearing Drift's Jim Hoeft and Virginia Virtucon's Jim Riley have joined together in a letter sent to the Republican Party of Virginia's Chairman Pat Mullins asking that he revoke Washington Post reporter Laura Vozzella's press credentials to the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

Bearing Drift reported that bloggers "have sent a letter to RPV Chairman Pat Mullins asking that the Washington Post’s Laura Vozzella’s press credentials be revoked due to the newspaper’s longstanding attacks on Republican candidates and elected officials, including the most recent article attacking George Allen attempting to make the wild connection between Akin’s comments with Senate judicial appointments this Monday."

Need to know more about Ms. Vozzella? Shaun Kenney provided a heads-up at Bearing Drift where he warned:
Longtime readers of the Baltimore Sun will instantly recognize the caustic and unpopular Laura Vozzella as the cheerleader for all things leftist.  NewsBusters has a pretty long rap sheet on this “reporter” and her perennial hatred for all things Republican. ...

… when epic left-wing hate meets the anti-George Allen proclivities of the Washington Post… well, the marriage is just too damn sweet.
Mike points out at The Write Side Of My Brain, "You see, we all know how The Washington Post loves to hate on George Allen."
Reading Vozzella's farewell column in the Baltimore Sun shows that she's a real piece of work ... and I don't mean art.

All anyone is asking for is fair and balanced reporting, that the same hard questions be asked of  Democrats that are asked of Republicans, and that reporters look with objective eyes at candidates, not through their Democratically-colored glasses.

Sadly, however, it sounds as if the Washington Post has added another tool to its bag of anti-Republican tricks.

Additional bloggers who signed the letter include: DJ McGuire (Right-Wing Liberal), Tom White (Virginia Right!), Kat Wilton (CatHouse Chat), Michael Fletcher (The Write Side Of My Brain), Trent Barton (Virginia Virtucon), David Shepherd (Virginia Gentleman), Brian Schoeneman (Bearing Drift), Krystle Weeks (Crystal Clear Conservative), Shaun Kenney (, Brian Kirwin (Bearing Drift), Steven Thomas (Virginia Virtucon), Terrence Boulden (Virginia Virtucon), Jeanine Martin (Virginia Virtucon), Dean Settle (The Bulletproof Monk), and Lynn Mitchell (SWAC Girl /

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