Tuesday, September 04, 2012

ABC's 'Good Morning America' lets its bias show again ... doesn't question Senate candidate Warren about Native American claim

Update: The Boston Herald reports that Native American delegates to the Democratic National Convention have asked to meet with Elizabeth Warren to hear her explain her ancestry claims.

“If you’re going to claim that you are American Indian and a descendant of some Native nation then you have to represent,” said Sharon Stewart-Peregoy, a Montana state senator and member of the Crow Nation. “You have to step up and bring those (American Indian) issues forward. That’s what it’s all about.”

The bias of mainstream media knows no bounds.

 Massachusetts Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren, currently running for the U.S. Senate, appeared in an interview on ABC's Good Morning America Tuesday morning in an interview with fill-in anchor Elizabeth Vargas.

This candidate has been caught up in a controversy about her claim to be a Native American minority on law school directories without documentation, something her Republican opponent Scott Brown has questioned. The questions about this issue have been swirling for months and, yet, during the early morning interview, the subject was never raised.

Instead, she was asked what the Democratic response was to the question, "Are we better off" than we were four years ago, and Medicare (to which she responded that the President had strengthened Medicare).

She was then wished good luck on her speech tomorrow night at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

Not a word about the scandal of the Native American issue. Does anyone honestly believe a Republican would have been let off like that?

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