Saturday, September 29, 2012

Meandering Virginia's Blue Ridge Parkway

The scenic beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains is enhanced by the Blue Ridge Parkway, that ribbon of roadway that meanders along the high ridges starting at Afton Mountain, Virginia. On an overcast, rainy day, wisps of fog drift up the hollows and cross the Parkway in an eerie quiet that is broken only by the sounds of falling acorns and wind rustling through the trees.

The grayness seemed to increase the feeling of isolation that was part of everyday life for mountain folks in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Looking at Humpback Rock from the Parkway entrance to the hiking trail, it is hidden behind the fog on a mild, rainy, early fall day.

There is something about foggy days in the mountains that draws me to the high ridges. It's fall in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western Virginia....

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell
September 28, 2012

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