Friday, September 14, 2012

Kaine makes more false claims against George Allen's voting record

Tim Kaine is working overtime making all kinds of false claims about George Allen's record. It is difficult to believe that Kaine is really that incompetent so that leaves one to wonder if it is purposeful misinformation that is eagerly picked up by a willing mainstream media.

On Thursday, Allen campaign manager Mike Thomas rebutted the latest false accusations by Kaine:
Second request in two days – this time PolitiFact Virginia is asking for our response to Tim Kaine’s claim that George Allen “voted to end Pell grants for 84,000 students.” The claim couldn’t be further from the truth. [emphasis added]

George Allen has a strong record of supporting higher education. He froze skyrocketing tuition, established Virginia’s Prepaid Tuition program, increased tuition grants, and made it a priority to improve math and science education.

Kaine has repeatedly tried to re-write record of what he called “significant” cuts to education. The truth is, George Allen voted to give more students access to Pell Grants, making it clear that Kaine is running out of excuses to hide from his record of cutting higher education funding, causing tuition to skyrocket.

As to the Pell grants? Kaine’s “evidence” just doesn’t add up.  Below is the back-up information for you to decide for yourself.
Check out all the evidence provided by the Allen campaign to smack back just another of many smoke-and-mirror tactics used by Democrats in their desperate scramble to put former Obama hand-picked DNC Chairman Kaine in the Capitol to continue rubber-stamping Barack Obama's over-reaching government programs.

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