Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Artist David Cochran publicizes Old Town's 'Outdoor Art Festival'

"One of these things is not like the others." Noted artist David Cochran stands in front of a cast of dozens painted by him and displayed at The Torpedo Factory in Alexandria.
Photo courtesy of David Cochran.

Tune in this morning as Northern Virginia artist David Cochran helps publicize this weekend's upcoming Outdoor Art Festival in Old Town on King Street. David, a childhood friend from Richmond, explained it all on his Facebook page:
I will be on FOX 5 TUESDAY AM (this is the local Washington DC, NoVA MD station) starting at 6:45 a.m. They are broadcasting from the Torpedo Factory. I will be harping myself AND an Outdoor Art Festival that will be this weekend in Old Town on King Street (Saturday and Sunday).

I will be painting a live model and Holly Hunter (Morning Talk Show personality) will come back to me 6 times for 20 second "teasers," what ever that means....

The teasers will start at 6:45 AM and then there will be an interview with me and final viewing of the painting at approx 9:40 AM.  Talk about pressure ... Wish me luck....my hands are already starting to get a little clammy. If any of you are playing hooky tomorrow, watch me!
He will ace it like he has his entire life. His unique and recognizable paintings can be found far and wide ... I have one in my own home.

Recognize the David Cochran original below that is in the living area of George and Susan Allen's home? Neighbor David painted the family portrait in 2006.

If you can tune in this morning, catch David painting and talking about his unique work and the upcoming art festival.

BBQ at the Allens

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell 

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