Monday, September 18, 2006

Allen-Webb before-the-debate....

Just a few hours left before the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce debate between Senator George Allen and Jim Webb.... After yesterday's Meet the Press exchange between the two, I am looking forward to sitting in on today's event. A couple of things I'll be looking for....

- Will Jim Webb allow George Allen to respond to questions without speaking over him as he did repeatedly on MTP?
- Will Jim Webb give us some idea of what he has in mind as far as handling the Iraq War besides the pat response of "we shouldn't be there," "we need to get out," etc.?
- Will the moderator (and I still have questions about George Stephanapoulos modering the debate -- couldn't they find someone a little more bipartisan?) pull some information out from Webb about Virginia issues?
- Will the moderator bring out and perhaps ask a question or two about the accomplishments of GOVERNOR George Allen?

This is an extraordinary opportunity to sit in on history. I'll be laptop-free once I arrive at the debate so hope to post about this tonight after returning to Augusta County which is, after all, GEORGE ALLEN COUNTRY!

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