Thursday, September 14, 2006

"Obsession" - radical Muslim terrorist docudrama ... scary


"Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West." I beg you ... watch this movie. It tells what we are up against.

If you are one of those anti-war, "hate-America first," "hate-Bush, hate-Republicans, hate-conservatives" people ... this movie is for you.

For those people who get it, this movie will confirm why you work so hard against the radical lib contingent in this country who have their heads stuck in the sand. They cannot be put in control of our national security ... or we will all perish.

"Obsession" shows why President George W. Bush feels the need to take drastic measures to protect the American people. It shows what we are up against.

These people want to kill us. Plain and simple. Period.

Check out these interviews with Director Wayne Kopping and Nonie Darwish, who appeared in the film and whose father headed the Egyptian military in Gaza and the Sinai when Gaza was under Egyptian control in the '50s and was killed in 1956 in jihad against Israel:

Rush Limbaugh interview
Fox News link to interview on Hannity & Colmes
Glenn Beck interview

"Unlike any war we've had, this will happen on the streets the world over." --Glenn Beck

"In Britain [Muslim] mothers are putting explosives in their baby's bottles."
-- Nonie Darwish

"The terrorists could, on a whim, make a decision to do something drastic... These people don't care about their men, their women, their children. In fact, their men, women, and children are their weapons." -- Nonie Darwish

"It's not a military struggle. It's not a political struggle. This is an ideological struggle. ...You have to take it back right down to the children, to the toddlers. That's the level that you have to deal with it. And you have to change the way these people see the world and the way they educate their kids about the world." - Director Wayne Kopping

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