Sunday, September 24, 2006

George Allen, the bloggers, and his Jewish heritage....


Raising Kaine and the screeching demon-crats over there have gone beyond anything I've ever encountered in politics. Those who have dug and researched and hunted for George Allen's Jewish background must be happy with the media circus that is now playing out and the probable turmoil it is causing children, grandchildren, parents, grandparent.

I was sitting at the Allen-Webb debate on Monday when the question was asked by reporterette Peggy Fox, a question I felt had nothing, absolutely nothing to do with the senatorial race in Virginia. But now I wonder what the intent was when she asked it. Was she against George Allen? Was she ignorant? Did she stop to think about the reprecussions of what could happen? Did she stop to think?

George Allen is an honorable man. He has been my next-door Delegate, my Governor, and my Senator, and I have been proud to be represented by such a hard-working man. I have admired his wife Susan and the way they have raised their children who have grown up in the public eye ... not easy for any child.

For years, when the month of August rolls around and the Senate is in recess, George Allen has gone on his "Listening Tour" throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia, spending his weeks visiting the citizens he represents.

Here in the Shenandoah Valley, he is loved!! We always look forward to his visits, to his attendance at our pig roasts, our meetings, our dinners, our gatherings for burgers at Wright's, or a lunch meeting at Rowe's.

What did George Allen do to attract the wrath of the liberal screeching lefties?

He headed up the 2004 National Republican Senatorial Committee that defeated Minority Leader Tom Daschle and other Democrat senate seats that were up for grabs ... thus giving the Republicans an 11-seat advantage over the Democrats in the Senate -- the first time that had happened since 1928. He toppled Tom Daschle.

The defeat of obstructionist Tom Daschle probably did as much as anything else to put the bullseye on George Allen's back for his 2006 reelection to the Senate.

At the grassroots level we knew they would be gunning for him. We knew it would be a tough race. The mud-slinging we expected. The digging into George Allen's lineage we didn't expect. And, in my opinion, it has gone over the top. The bloggers have been unleashed like a pack of attack dogs, frothing at the mouth as they put out bit after bit of personal information about the Senator, his family, and his life.

Why, they asked, did his mother keep it a secret (all the while insinuating the Senator knew all along). As quoted in this Washington Post article, she said:

"The fact this is such an issue justifies my actions, and my behavior."

Exactly. What she feared ... is now happening at the hands of the democrats.

Back to the 2004 election....

As chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Senator Allen traveled nationwide and worked hard to secure eight open seats and defend two more for the GOP. Thanks to him there's 55 Republicans, 44 Democrats, and one Democrat-leaning independent in the Senate (source here).

The nastier the dems become, the more resolved I am to put in whatever work is required to win this election. Feedback from Allen supporters in this area has been extremely positive ... and the negative dem campaigning is boomeranging. People are angry and fired up. They cannot believe such tactics are being used against their beloved Senator. They will be there for him on Election Day ... just as he has been there for them throughout the years ... and he will win.

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