Friday, September 08, 2006

Lib bloggers ... me thinks thou doeth protest too much

Not Larry Sabato's latest post included this comment: It is totally fair to hold the candidate accountable for what his paid staff says on blogs.

I agree with that statement mainly because of two words: paid staff. When on the payroll for anyone you are an extension of that person/ company/ organization ... a spokesman/ representative for them. To say otherwise is completely disingenuous.

I see nothing wrong with fighting fire with fire. The Allen campaign is working to combat the daily ad nauseum spin/ untruths coming from Raising Kaine, the paid blog of the Webb campaign. Should Republicans sit back and do nothing? That's not politics, folks. That's burying your head in the sand. The difference is the ability to put facts out there.

To be in an uproar because conservative bloggers are posting about the Raising Kaine "Monkey Fest" stunt planned for Saturday's GOP Ethnic Rally in Alexandria is plain silly. It's the truth, isn't it? They do plan to romp around in circus outfits, don't they? This from their website:

Allen and three other Republican candidates will be attending the event. We, Mac (the Monkey) and Anna (Banana) will be there, but much more exciting will be the opportunity to hang out with Patch Adams (clown doctor activist) who will be “Gorilla”! We will have 9 monkey face masks to share – first come, first serve and plenty of our favorite yellow snacks, balloons, and stickers. We encourage you to bring your own monkey outfits, masks, and signs.

And the truth is Jim Webb received a letter from the Ethnic Rally organizers stating they felt his campaign was openly mocking their rally, a rally held by hard-working Americans coming together to celebrate their diversity and support for Senator George Allen's re-election. They wrote, "For paid members of your staff to denigrate our gathering and attempt to disrupt and demean our rally is wrong"and asked that Webb condemn the "mean-spirited actions" of his campaign staff. They ended by saying, "This is no way to conduct a Senate campaign."

To lib bloggers complaining of conservative bloggers getting the word out about this stunt ... me thinks thou doeth protest too much.

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