Monday, September 04, 2006

Beyond the pale ... lunatic fringe steps over the line ... again

I have felt ineffective at expressing my displeasure at Dem/lib tactics the past three years. While growing up in Virginia I witnessed fairly genteel politics even though as an adult I realized there was backroom arm twisting from the then-dominant Democrat Party.

But the tactics of and others that has come into the Commonwealth is worrisome. They are aggressive, they are bitter, they are arrogant, and they have no respect for the views of those who disagree with them.

So ... when I found this post at I saw that he had put into words many of my frustrations and concerns. Check it out for yourself. Here's what he wrote that got my attention:

When Raising Kaine Goes To War...
by Shaun Kenney

So let me get this straight: an independent organization gives Senator George Allen an award for his support for historically black colleges. Radicals on the left find out about this, and what do they decide to do?

Threaten and cajole the donors of the Thurgood Marshall Foundation: Do the Thurgood Marshall people realize that George Allen's cuts to education, when he was Governor, took a disproportionate amount away from Virginia's historical African-American universities - Norfolk State and Virginia State? Do they realize that Sen. Allen voted AGAINST programs that improve education for minorities and communities? That he voted against approximately $24.5 billion for Head Start programs? That he voted AGAINST eliminating testing requirements even if Title I programs that aid students in low-income areas were not fully funded? That he voted against increasing Hispanic education funds by $210 million? Now, in what way does George Allen deserve an award from an organization that bears the name of the first African American to serve on the Supreme Court of the United States?

Now typically I don't relay stuff from Raising Kaine, mostly for the way they communicate their viewpoint. Still, sometimes the most ungentlemanly thing you can do is make an obscure man (or in this case, blog) feel their obscurity. Folks, this goes way over the edge. Placing pressure on the Marshall Foundation is ludicrous, and the things said in the comments section about the Thurgood Marshall fund is way beyond the pale:

The "fund" gave an award to -- drum roll -- GOPPER Michael J. Steele in 2003 . . .

Rick Santorum! Now there's a fine model of tolerance!

The people giving Allen this award are thuming their nose to Thurgood Marshall, His Family and endorsing Allen's associated with the CCC (KKK) and his remarks to Sidarth.

(T)he TMSF just an organization that is careful not to bite the hand that feeds it? Or are they active supporters of these right-wingers? Who do the members of TMSF give to? Start calling everyone, press, the people giving this award, black leaders, EVERYONE.

Now folks, I'm getting awful tired of the "Republicans = Racists" meme the lunatic fringe of the Democratic Party continues to spew out unchecked. Personally, I take offense not just at the fact that Republicans presumably can never be on the side of equality, but if organizations like the Thurgood Marshall Foundation are so inclined to recognize Republicans they are immediately branded as disingenuous, or worse for those who remember what Democrats did to Michael Steele in Maryland. And this isn't the first instance:

Pelting Michael Steele with Oreos? Perfectly acceptable behavior for Dems.

Calling Condoleeza Rice a "house nigga"? Just a harmless comic.

Speaking of harmless comics, no worries if Democrats use caricatures to emphasize the Jewishness of their primary opponents (as if that were something to be ashamed of).

Senator Biden is free to make comments about "speaking with an Indian accent" at 7-11's, but Biden is still considered a Democratic contender for president.

My grandfather was a member of Citizens United for Action (CUA) back in 1964. He ran against the poll tax, and for his stand he came in second-to-last place right next to the African-American candidate for Fredericksburg City Council. He ran as a Liberal because he believed in equality as a virtue despite background or race. My grandfather would be ashamed at what the Progressives are doing today. Classic case of a vocal minority blackmailing the Thurgood Marshall Foundation for political points. Thurgood Marshall himself certainly never gave in to such tactics, and shame on Lowell and the radicals at Raising Kaine for threatening his namesake.

Be sure to go to Shaun's website and read the lively comments posted because there is interesting history listed that everyone should know. Thank you for your post, Shaun. You put into words what I couldn't.


Anonymous said...

SWAC Girl, glad I found you. I been in the valley for 32 years. MoveOn.Org is in Harrisonburg. It is sad how dirty their tricks are. Any suggestions on how to stop them? Even my Democratic neighbor is sick of their tricks.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...


The way to stop them is to get involved, be educated on the issues and candidates, and VOTE.

Shaun Kenney said...

Thanks SWAC Girl! I appreciate it.