Friday, September 29, 2006

Women for Allen Rally this morning

Senator George Allen, Susan Allen, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Kay Cole James, and Rhonda Winfield rally Allen supporters!

Close to 200 women (and men) attended this morning's Women for Allen rally held at the McLean Hilton ... women of all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds ... women who were ready to re-elect Senator George Allen to the U. S. Senate. There was enthusiasm, applause, cheers, and numerous standing ovations throughout the one-hour breakfast rally.

When Senator and Mrs. Allen entered the room, everyone rose and cheered and applauded loudly and long ... this campaign has gotten personal to us, too, and we wanted the Senator to know he had our complete support!

Augusta County native Rhonda Winfield attended as a guest of Senator Allen's. Her son, Lance Cpl. Jason Redifer, was killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2005 ... and she gave Jason's dogtags to Senator Allen in March 2006 as a thank you for his stand on staying the course in the war and for his support of President George W. Bush's determination to keep the American people safe through this war.

Senator Allen heard complete and loud, enthusiastic support from everyone in that room. There's 39 days to go until November 7th ... please clear your calendars and give everything you can to re-elect George Allen.

More on this when I return to Staunton ... we're about to leave the big city, bright lights of the D.C. area and head back to the Valley. Stay tuned....


Anonymous said...

I was there and I was a wonderul event. Senator Mrs. Allen and Kay Bailey Hutchison, Cole James were elctrifying. ears are still ringing! Unlike his opponent, Mr. Allen is a true champion of women's issues. Go Senator Allen!!!

f mcdonald said...

Wish I'd been there. Thanks for the great reporting!