Sunday, September 24, 2006

Jim Webb in Staunton

So ... the dems hosted Jim Webb in Staunton today. They were expecting the party loyal and they were expecting to hear from their candidate.

After the event, I received a phone call from a local reporter with the Staunton News Leader who said a number of people had commented there were no Republican protesters at the Webb event. The reporter was calling to ask if that was a concerted effort and why we weren't there.

First of all ... it is Sunday. In the Valley, Sunday is still a day of worship and a day for family. Second, I am working for my candidate, not against theirs.

Perhaps they were expecting us to show up in ape and banana suits, or dressed as the grim reaper as they did on the streets of Staunton in August.

Sorry, folks. We don't work that way. I think stunts like that are demeaning to the candidate, demeaning to the Party, and demeaning to the people inside those suits. It's ridiculous.

Instead, I prefer to work for Senator George Allen by talking issues and explaining to folks what he has accomplished to help the citizens of Virginia throughout his many years of public service as Delegate, Governor, and Senator.

Today the local Republicans went to church and spent time with their families. Tomorrow we'll be back campaigning.


Anne Taetzsch Fitzgerald said...

It amazes me that people expect protestors at a political fundraisers. Last time I checked folks are allowed to assemble peacefully in this country. Unfortunatly, the Dems don't seem to understand that and instead make jackasses out of themselves at every available opportunity. And they wonder why they have not held power in Congress for YEARS.

BTW--Webb only stayed for 15 minutes--I have heard several complaints from people who were expecting more bang for their buck.

Anonymous said...

Amen to that, SWAC girl

Spank That Donkey said...

What, didn't Webb stay with "relatives"? I thought he had all dem (he he) deep roots in da valley?