Thursday, September 07, 2006

I like Senator George Allen on a horse!

Seems the dem bloggers are trying to disparage Senator George Allen again ... but what else is new?

George Allen, as he traditionally does, rode a horse in Monday's Buena Vista Labor Day parade. The dem bloggers are trying to make something of that in a negative way. Sorry, dems. I like to see George Allen riding horses in parades. It sets him apart from the rest.

I've said since President George W. Bush was elected and since 9/11 that it's nice to have John Wayne in charge of the ranch again - a man who takes charge and gets things done - and makes me feel safe.

I feel the same about George Allen. Cowboy boots, jeans, horses ... bring 'em on, George!


Anonymous said...

You know...the horse's name was BUBBA. Quite the honor to have that horse named after me.

f mcdonald said...

OK, new rule!
If anytime Sen. Allen and a horse are mentioned in the same post or even in adjacent posts a picture of him on horseback must also be posted. It's only fair to us ladies.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

LOL! Flora - I would love to have posted a photo of Senator Allen on his horse ... but being the new blogger I am (and self-teaching myself) I've not gotten the finer points of posting graphics/photos. But I'm getting there.... Next time - horse photo included!

f mcdonald said...

I'm looking forward to it!