Sunday, September 17, 2006

Allen-Webb debate tomorrow

Ringside seat on Virginia history

Senator George Allen and Jim Webb will meet tomorrow for a debate at the McLean Hilton. I will have the honor of attending the debate. After being present at the first debate at The Homestead in July, this is a political junkie's dream-come-true ... a ringside seat on history. Senator Allen is strong on issues, strong on defense, strong on family values, and he has a gentlemanly presence that escapes Jim Webb. Let's hope Webb keeps his short fuse under check and allows the Senator to speak without talking over him.

But, you know ... George Stephananpolis as the moderator? A member of Bill Clinton's administration is moderating this thing? How did that happen? There would be HOWLS of protests from the dems if Tony Snow or Karl Rove or Karen Hughes or anyone from any past Republican administration was in that position. It will be interesting to see if Stephanapolois can be impartial and not let his partisanship slip into the questioning.

Stay tuned....

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