Friday, September 29, 2006

Update: Women for Allen rally in McLean yesterday....

Senator George Allen, Susan Allen, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson, and Kay Cole James rally Allen supporters!

"We need you as partners!"

Thus began Susan Allen's rally cry to thundering applause yesterday morning at the Women for Allen rally in McLean as she encouraged close to 200 women (and men), many from various ethnic backgrounds, to be sure and pick up their ALLEN bumper stickers and yard signs, and please work GOP headquarters or make those walks and calls for the next 39 days to victory.

"Some don't like bumper stickers," she said, "but if you could just put it on for the final 39 days ... or tape it in your window ... it would be a great help!"

She thanked everyone and said her family had been lifted up by lots of prayer ... and that they had weathered the storm, and told about her mother-in-law's tramatic childhood experience of watching her father imprisoned by the Nazis during World War II and finally sharing her story after years of keeping it a secret. Susan Allen added that, even through the current political upheaval, Senator Allen had told her, "They haven't killed me yet."

George Allen himself roared out his "Good morning!" also to thundering applause as the crowd jumped to its feet in support of our Senator. He spoke, he laughed, he enjoyed just being there. He thanked his lovely wife and others in the room.

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson spoke sincerely of her friend and how much he had worked with her and helped in the Senate. She also spoke of the family weathering recent media attacks and added, "I take this personally." She was followed by Kay Cole James, an African-American woman who had been in Governor Allen's Cabinet, and who called Susan and George Allen her friends. She spoke of the character and integrity of George Allen as someone who listened to those around him, who asked their advice, and who didn't care who got the credit as long as the right thing was done.

Senator Allen's brother, Bruce Allen, was also in attendance. Although Senator Allen and Hutchinson had to leave early to participate in a Senate vote, Mrs. Allen and Bruce Allen stayed afterwards to talk with those in the crowd and to the media.

So now we're fired up for the 38 days left until victory! Clear your calendars, work as much as you can, and when Election Day comes around if you have leftover energy ... you haven't worked hard enough!

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Anonymous said...

Where is Bruce Allen these days? I attended Langley High School with him, and wondered what ever happened to him.