Thursday, September 28, 2006

Rush: George Allen smear will backfire on dems....

Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity have been talking about the George Allen campaign and following the smear tactics in place by the leftie bloggers.

Rush's prediction: the smear campaign will backfire because they have gone "way over the line," in his words. He also said, "It's typical." continues:

Rush recalled that Allen's opponent Jim Webb dodged a question as to whether he had ever used the n-word, saying only that, "Well, I don't think there's anybody who grew up around the south that hasn't had the word pass their lips at one time or another."

So what we have here is George Allen denying he said the n-word and Jim Webb all but admitting that he did say and has uttered it. Is the media making any hay out of this? No, this is not the agenda, it's not the template.

Allen's first wife is denying he ever said that African-Americans eat turtles, and there aren't any independent witnesses to corroborate any of these allegations made in that piece or a New York Times article about Allen and the n-word.

Then there's this ridiculous charge that Allen put a deer's head in a black family's mailbox. Have you heard that one? Two Louisa County sheriff's deputies who were on the force in the early 1970s said in interviews on Tuesday that they don't recall any complaints about severed animal heads. Nobody remembers any such thing.

Now, one of these two named accusers, a guy named Christopher Taylor, is a registered Democrat. He opposes Allen's election. The other, a guy who got all this started, is a guy named Ken Shelton. A registered Democrat up until 2004 — he's the guy, by the way, that made the deer head allegation. A lot of people that were on Allen's football team have come to his defense, including Reverend Gary Hamm, who is a black minister."

Noting that nobody is debating ideas with George Allen, Rush said that "Every time Allen has debated James Webb, it is clear that Webb is not a Virginian, doesn't know Virginia history and policies. When they actually get discussed, it is clear that Allen is superior in that field.
"Democrats can't let that happen. They know they're going to lose on policy debates, ideological debates, idea debates, so what do they do? Smear. It's all they do."

Allen, he said, has been in public life long enough to have been an assemblyman, a governor, a congressman, and a senator. "And in all of that time there hasn't been one such complaint, other than the guy likes the Confederate flag, which is another smear attempt.

Now all of a sudden, here comes a guy from 17 years ago, many years ago, when Allen played football somewhere, saying that he used the n-word and that he said that black people eat turtles and all of this absurd stuff.

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