Friday, September 15, 2006

Todd Foster leaving News-Virginian?

Over at The Augusta Free Press a bomb shell dropped today: Todd Foster, in his own words, admitted that he would no longer be at the helm of The News-Virginian. A little past 2:00 this afternoon he posted the following:

J. Todd Foster said...

To the residents of Augusta County and cities of Waynesboro and Staunton: To stem any misinformation, which frequently gets published on this site, I want to clarify the reason behind my leaving the editor's job at The News Virginian. There is a full story at I was contacted by a head hunter several weeks ago for a job at a larger paper in Louisiana. I turned down the job several times until the offer reached the point financially that I could not turn it down. Thanks for your readership. J. Todd Foster

I've got to admit I've had my rounds with Todd Foster. He is a pit bull and doesn't back down, often responding to emails in a snarky manner. He's had battles with Reo Hatfield and Frank Lucent in Waynesboro. During the 2004 Bush campaign when I wrote him a letter saying I was canceling my subscription and the reason why, he wrote about me (leaving out my name) in his Sunday op-ed piece -- those partisan Republicans or some such thing.

Perhaps his hard-hitting style will be better suited at his new daily. Meanwhile, the hunt is on for a replacement.

Wonder if they will hire a conservative editor..... Nah. Never happen.

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f mcdonald said...

eeegads! Do you think we should warn Louisiana?