Thursday, January 11, 2007

Anti-war protesters ... predictable 1960s leftovers

Anti-war protesters in Staunton
The President went on national television last night to ask for an increase in the troops in Iraq ... and laid out his reasons why he and those running the war felt it was necessary.
Surprise, surprise. The dems were against it. Nancy Pelosi was for it before she was against it. Now she's walking the Party line -- in lockstep with her colleagues -- and opposing increasing the number of troops.
The always-predictable anti-war Coalition for Peace and Justice, a group that looks as if they were left over from the 1960s, was out in Staunton today to protest the President's request ... except they didn't make it look very "anti." They had their token American flag (after hearing our Support the Troops side always pointing out how we had all the flags and they had none), a sign that said "Support the Troops," and a sign that said "Protect the Troops." One guy had a sign that said, "Peace" with a peace sign on one side and "God bless the world" on the other side. Then they had their "End The War" signs.
At the beginning of their protest they had about 20 people present for the obligatory photo shoot and interviews by the local media. But, amazingly, when the media left....
The photo above shows how many were left when there were no cameras or microphones around.

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