Sunday, January 21, 2007

Military not risking their lives for our freedom?

In my opinion, Krebhiel got it wrong when he made the following statement:

"Men and women in Iraq aren't risking their lives for our freedom."

He went on to say:

"At best, they're risking their lives for the Iraqi peoples' freedom, and at worst, they're risking their lives for American political and economic interests in the Middle East."

Our men and women in uniform most certainly are risking their lives to protect your freedoms, Mr. Krehbiel. Our freedoms include our lives ... and I go back to 9/11/01 when 3,000 innocent people lost their lives.

Even more moving is the fact the troops are voluntarily risking their lives for our freedoms. Most people I know are grateful to these brave heroes for their part in homeland security because if we are overrun by Muslim terrorists we will no longer be under American law....

... but maybe it's the old tale of having to lose something before you truly learn to appreciate it....

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cafe de emporia said...

Krebhiel has proven himself to be a cheese-eating surrender monkey.