Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Where's the MSM on positive Bush acts?

Today's Richmond Times-Dispatch has a letter to the editor from a father who put his son on a plane on Christmas Day going back to Afghanistan to join his Unit. In his letter he wrote:

Christmas morning George Bush spent a lot of time on the phone calling servicepeople all over the globe, thanking them for their service.

Where was that headlined all over the front pages of newspapers and on MSM/cable outlets? Instead of showing the President in a positive light, they would rather pound down on him in a constant barrage of negatives.

Where is the warm, rosy glow we should feel about being Americans ... kind of like World War II and what my parents told me about how America pulled together?

The appearance to the world is that we are not together. We are allowing the enemy to see a crack in our unity and, therefore, embolden them to continue to attack us.

We are a united states. We should be united in our front to the world. However, with the daily negative reports through the MSM -- and with the "mob mentality" that takes over when people hear and/or see something enough -- it is no wonder the President's poll numbers are down. It is no wonder the "majority" of Americans are perceived as now being against this war. All they hear are all the reasons to be against it and none of the reasons why we're succeeding.

The MSM should show our President in the positive acts that he does on a daily basis. They should show the positive returns in Iraq and Afghanistan that have occurred because of our military. They should show soldiers and Marines who are proud of what they are accomplishing around the world.

Give us back our "morning in America." I'm tired of the doom and gloom of the MSM and lefty democrats.

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