Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Insurgent terrorists shot down copter?

Did insurgent terrorists shoot down a Black Hawk Army helicopter that killed 12 U.S. soldiers on Saturday?

Evidence at the scene, according to Military.com, included a tube that could be part of a shoulder-fired weapon, and an al Qaida-linked organization has claimed responsibility. Investigators are still searching the crash site located northeast of Baghdad.

An Islamic website had the following claim from the "Islamic State in Iraq":

"... the lions of Iraq's Islamic state managed to down a Black Hawk on Saturday, which was followed by a clash with the Crusaders, and that led to the destruction of two Humvees and the annihilation of those inside, thanks be to God."

The claim reported the annihilation of those inside ... that would be American soldiers.

The claim mentioned "clash with the Crusaders" ... that should prove to doubters that this is a Holy War and, in the eyes of radical Muslims, we're back in the Crusades. They are fighting to take over the world.

In "Conversation with a Soldier ... Part 1, Part 2, Part 3," a local soldier just back from Iraq said, "Untie the hands of the military so they can do their job in Iraq. Exterminate the insurgent terrorists."

From "Conversation with a Soldier ... Part 3":

Iraq needs to get their oil refineries up and going to pull in revenue to run the country. Insurgent terrorists continue to blow them up ... exterminate the insurgent terrorists.

They need to stabilize the streets by ending car bombings and homicide bombers ... exterminate the insurgent terrorists.

The Iraqi people need to feel safe from random acts of violence and bombings ... exterminate the insurgent terrorists.

When are Americans and politicians going to let our military do their job? Until our soldiers and Marines are allowed to go after the insurgent terrorists, we will continue to lose those American soldiers and Marines.

Take the politics out of this war.

Take the political correctness out of this war.

Let our military do what is necessary to finish the job in Iraq and come home safely.

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