Monday, January 15, 2007

When will it snow?

Here in the Shenandoah Valley it has been 70 degrees the past two days. While it's nice to have mild weather, we're looking for winter ... which seems to be AWOL this year. Wintergreen and Massanutten ski resorts can't open the slopes -- not enough snow and not cold enough to make snow.

When my children were young we used to read a beautifully illustrated children's book called "When Will It Snow?" which was written and illustrated by Bruce Hiscock. The dedication in the front said, "To my good friends, and to everyone whose spirits soar when the first snowflakes fall."

That's us!

We are waiting for the first snowfall. Weather forecasts promise cold weather moving in tomorrow which means the resorts may be able to make snow.

My snowboarding kids haven't been able to hit the slopes this winter. The sleds are idle waiting to make the first run down our hilly backyard ... the snow lights are waiting to illuminate the night for sledding and exploring in the woods ... the fire pit is waiting to come to life to ward off the chill.

We're all ready. The only question is ...

When will it snow?

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