Saturday, January 13, 2007

Hey MisLeader ... who's being repetitive?

Propaganda? I don't think so.

The Slantin' MisLeader once again gets it wrong. Do they even read what they write?

" ... many of them [conservative bloggers] are just repeating the same message. That's not blogging, it's propaganda...."

Oh, real-ly?

In school I thought repetition was called learning.

Let's think back to the fall campaign when the lefty bloggers repeated messages complete with exact same photo and same text over and over on various liberal posts. The purpose was repetition so someone -- the MSM? -- would take notice. And what were they blogging about? Their candidate for Senate.

Conservative bloggers took note. Lesson learned. The way to get the attention of readers was to repeat it over and over and over. Bingo! It must have worked because the MisLeader noticed.

And what was it the conservative bloggers were blogging about? NATIONAL SECURITY. The war. The terrorists. They were trying to educate readers who had stuck their heads in the sand.

It's been said that to get someone to remember something use the rule of three: say it once, then twice, and by the third time it begins to stick.

Who is being repetitive? The MisLeader blog seems to go off on the same rant and talking points against conservative bloggers on a regular basis. ~yawn~ Perhaps they need to read the lefty blogs more so they will see what the libs are writing.

Here's a point for the MisLeader: Their resident bloggers are paid staff.

Conservative bloggers are volunteers blogging in their free time.

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