Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Political Correctness Will Kill Us ... Part 1

Islamic murders - Holocaust? - around the world: This is but a tiny list of some of the atrocities that have occurred....
  • United States of America: 3,000 innocent people killed by Muslim terrorists on 9/11/01. America finally wakes up ... only to fall back into slumber.
  • Thailand: Juling Kamphongmoon, a Buddhist elementary art teacher, whose skull was shattered after being brutally beaten by a Muslim mob, died January 8, 2007, after spending eight months in a coma. The mob was angered by the arrest of two suspected Muslim rebels.
  • Thailand: 1,900 people killed since 2004 in Islamic Separatist Movement.
  • Holland: Murder of Theo Van Gogh in 2004 by a Muslim Dutch Moroccan, born and educated in Holland, who considered a film by Van Gogh ("Submission") insulting to Islam. He was shot and his throat was slit.
  • Pakistan: Missionaries, priests, and nuns are being murdered by radical Islamists.
  • Egypt: Coptic Christians being murdered by the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • Indonesia: Over 1,000 Christians have been murdered in the past 10 years as the islands are being "cleansed" of Christians by Muslim Komando Jihad troops.
  • Indonesia: Half a million people of Christian and other religions have been driven from their homes by Muslim Komando Jihad troops.
  • East Timor: Muslims killed over 100,000 Catholics in the 1970s.
  • The Sudan: Where Sharia law is in effect, Christians are being murdered by Muslims.
  • Darfur Province: Over 100,000 tribal members murdered so far by Muslim Janjaweed fighters.
  • Nigeria & Kenya: Christians who resist Sharia law being murdered by Muslims.
  • Iraq: Christians are currently being taunted and slaughtered by Muslims.
  • India: Commuter train explosions set off by Islamic terrorists killed 175 people and injured 500 in July 2006.
  • Spain: Islamic terrorists blew up trains in Madrid in March of 2004, killing 192 and injuring hundreds.
  • Casablanca: Muslims murdered 45 people in 2003 bombings.
  • Britain: Muslim terrorists bombed commuter trains and a double-decker bus during London's rush hour in July 2005, killing 38 and injuring 700.
  • Bali: Islamic terrorists detonated a car bomb at a nightclub that killed 182 people and injured more than 300. Most of those killed and wounded in the October 2002 bombing were Australians, British, and other foreigners.

See new post by Spank That Donkey about Muslim "no-go" zones in France, areas of heavy Muslim populations where French law does not apply.

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Anne Taetzsch Fitzgerald said...

Chilling. Absolutely chilling. And I'm certain this is not a complete list.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

What I have listed is by no means a complete list. It would take pages to document all the Muslim terrorism attacks that have taken place around the world the past 30 years.

What is even more chilling is that the liberal democrats don't get it ... and they are now in control of the government of our country.

The MSM could do much to remedy the ignorance of the everyday American by publishing articles about terrorist attacks, about radical Islam, about the danger of Europe being overtaken by Muslim extremists ... but they appear to be on the same page as the liberl, anti-war, anti-Bush democrats.

If we don't have national security here at home then nothing else matters. That has to be our # 1 priority in America!

Political correctness is going to get us all killed ... and the MSM will be partly to blame.