Friday, January 19, 2007

WIN THE WAR! Victory in Iraq!

Frustrated at the mainstream media's slanted coverage of the war in Iraq without regard to everything good accomplished by American troops in that region of the world, and disgusted at an anti-war sign in a nearby yard, local residents in Staunton made their own signs:


This is their way of showing support for our troops and thanking them for their sacrifice in keeping us free and safe, and a way to show support for their Commander-in-Chief, President George W. Bush.

Americans are getting fed up with the constant negative doom-and-gloom representation of the war. But, unlike Vietnam War era, these citizens are speaking up!

Start a trend! Make a sign for your yard to WIN THE WAR. Put an electric candle in the window to say thanks to the troops.

Take the politics out of the war. Let's WIN IN IRAQ!

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