Wednesday, January 31, 2007

WIN THE WAR signs in SWAC area

WIN THE WAR signs are going up in Staunton, Waynesboro, Augusta County, Albemarle County, and Lexington/Rockbridge County areas, and we've had inquiries from folks in Tennessee and other areas.

We've heard comments such as, "We've been waiting for something like this." We delivered signs yesterday to military families including one whose Marine son is heading to Iraq for the third time. Other signs are going to folks in the community who want to show support for our Troops, our President, and our Country.

CANDLES IN THE WINDOWS: Don't forget to put an electric candle in the window to show support for our troops and to thank them for their sacrifice for our freedoms.

Build morale on the homefront and on the battlefield. Spread the word ... START A TREND!


cafe de emporia said...


Anonymous said...

The sign certainly sends a clear message to the fifth column - the inner enemy of this country - that this war IS winnable. I grow so tired of hearing whiners and crybabies complain about the war, and at the same time these cowardly bastards are the same ones that will head for Canada if a draft comes up.

My daughter is now at Parris Island for Marine Corps basic training. OORAH. I stand a proud parent.

Charles said...

Where do we get these signs?

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Charles, I apologize but I accidentally deleted your email about the signs. I'm sorry I wasn't able to let you know I didn't have a way to get them to you by Saturday. If you're still interested please post again with your email and I'll not publish it. Thanks. ~SWAC Girl

justathought said...


I would also like to know where I can get one of these signs????? I really would like to have one for my yard in Staunton!