Thursday, January 25, 2007

SWAC bloggers' phriendly invasion of West of Shockoe

I must admit we had fun yesterday phooling around with West of Shockoe's Phriendly Jaime.

The SWAC bloggers were in Richmond for Bill Bolling's Bloggers Day and, when it came time for a lunch break, we had a mission.

Our Mastermind: Spank That Donkey.

Accomplices: Johnathan Maxfield and SWAC Girl.

Mission: Duplicate the photo on WOS's blog taken at Capital Ale House.

Mission Accomplished? Absolutely ... and then some!

Spank That Donkey is mischievous anyway but this was one of his best! We set his laptop up at Capital Ale's bar, pulled up WOS's website to look at the photo we had in mind, and started "setting the stage." John was photographer: "Lean more forward. Tilt your head. More tilt...." It was hilarious.

But the piece de resistance has yet to come because I don't believe Jaime has been to the bar since we were there yesterday.

Jaime, get thee to the Ale House and have a drink on us! The manager took care of it ... you have a little "SWAC" gift waiting for you. :)

Go to the following posts to catch the "real" photo and the "recreated" photo:
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- Spank That Donkey - LG Bolling Day at the Assembly: West of Shockoe

It was a pfun time in the capital city!


Anne Taetzsch Fitzgerald said...

Man--I always miss out on the fun!!!!

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Elle, we missed you as our partner in crime. :) Next time you'll be in on the caper!