Saturday, April 21, 2007

Fuhrman Manifesto

The Right-Wing Liberal has affectionately called From On High's post "We've Done Nothing All Right" the "Fuhrman Manifesto." In it Jerry tells of the 10,000 gun laws that are on the books to keep us safe and, yet, whenever a deranged act occurs such as the Virginia Tech massacre the liberals scream for tighter and more gun laws.

He starts out by saying:

We do nothing.

Nothing? We now have 10,000 gun laws in this country. That's nothing? Every time another notorious killing takes place, these guys drag out that same old, worn-out, failed argument.

We've done nothing. We need to do something. We need a gun law. We've sat back and allowed these depraved fools to convince us that we've done nothing - over and over again - about crime in this country and now, 10,000 laws later, the murders continue - and we are still accused of doing nothing.

Read his response. It is excellent.

Thanks, Jerry, for the common sense.

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