Tuesday, April 17, 2007

George Allen's statement regarding VA Tech shooting

Alexandria, Virginia – Former Governor and U.S. Senator, George Allen issued the following statement regarding the tragic shooting at Virginia Tech today:

“As parents of a college student in Virginia, Susan and I ache for the heart-broken families and friends who have lost loved ones today at Virginia Tech due to this heinous, despicable mayhem. Our prayers are with them. Their sons, daughters, brothers and sisters were learning and improving their young lives on the vibrant, close knit and beautiful campus.

“All of America is in grief for the families whose lives and dreams were shattered.

“As many of us know, Virginia Tech is not just a school, it is close and caring community. The students, alumni and loyal supporters will be drawn together in mourning but also praying for the recovery of their classmates who suffered terrible injuries but have survived.

“Susan and I will join them and the rest of Virginia as we pray for the lives we’ve lost today and for the recovery of the students who survived this senseless, terrible tragedy.”

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