Thursday, April 26, 2007

GOP voter thanks grassroots volunteers for their work....

[After reading about Emmett Hanger slamming the grassroots volunteers, a local voter sent the following note....]

I just wanted to thank you for sending this email. Those are UNBELIEVABLY ungrateful and back-stabbing statements that Hanger has made and I would have had no idea if not for this list.

... there is NO EXCUSE for these words that have been slung like razors at the very people who do the thousands of mundane tasks, often invisibly, to elect the likes of him. Not to mention alienating those of us who ride on your overworked and underpaid coattails but who believe in the cause of liberty, too, and vote accordingly.

I, for one, want to thank you (and all the others)--although that's not much thanks I hope it goes a little way toward knowing that what you do is both noticed and appreciated.

God bless and in gratitude,


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Anonymous said...

As a volunteer for Jerry Kilgore, Senator George Allen, etc, I am outraged on Mr. Hanger's recent comments concerning volunteers. Just because I am not an elective official doesn't make me any less of a Conservative or a PERSON.

Let’s see how many of Mr. Hanger's elective officials show up to work the polls? Let’s see how many of his elective officials erect yard signs and 4 X 8s? Let’s see how many of his elective officials show up to work the booth at the local County Fairs? Let’s see how many of his elective officials show up at the parades? Let’s see how many telephone calls his elective officials make on his behalf? Based on my observation, most (not all) are no-shows concerning the above. Of course if someone like George Allen attends the event, the local officials come out of the woodwork hoping to take advantage of the photo-op. Good luck Mr. Hanger if you think the your elective officials will help you other than endorsing your campaign.

Speaking of Mr. Hanger, I've been active in politics for many years and have personally met many candidates, but yet I have never met Mr. Hanger. Wonder why?