Thursday, April 05, 2007

U.S. surge is working in Iraq

Is the surge -- the increase in U.S. troops -- working in Iraq?

All reports say that it is working. Billed as "Fahrd al-Qanoon" (“Enforce the Law"), the crack-down involves Iraqi forces as well as 28,000 additional U.S. troops who are working the most violence-prone sections of the area including Baghdad and Anbar province in western Iraq. Murders and kidnappings have decreased in Baghdad, a clear sign the terrorist insurgents are feeling the heat.

Said Navy Rear Adm. Mark I. Fox, spokesman for Multinational Force Iraq:

America’s military forces are serving in Iraq “to protect the people of Iraq, to protect the people of Baghdad and to create a breathing space (and) enough of a window of opportunity for the Iraqi government to get its feet under itself."

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