Sunday, April 22, 2007

This is no liberal actor ... he supports Bush, war, troops

Wow. Here's an interview with some common sense spoken by a Hollywood actor ... one with strong convictions about our role in Iraq. interviewed actor Jon Voight shortly after a visit to Walter Reed Hospital to visit with U.S. troops wounded in Iraq. He supports President Bush and Vice President Cheney, he supports the war in Iraq, and he believes this is a religious war that affects the entire globe.

This war is not Vietnam, he told

"While you might not hear people say, 'I don't support the troops,' the country and the media on the whole are increasingly caustic and critical of the president and Iraq. ... It's sad for me. The attack on George Bush I find to be reprehensible. From the beginning it was politically motivated, and it's been very successful, the disrespect for our president and for our country and for our government. I have a great regard for our government. We have all sorts of checks and balances that are afforded to us by our constitution. We have a lot of wonderful hardworking people in the government. Once it gets to be partisan, it takes the energy in another direction."

Of his visit to Walter Reed, Voight said:

" ... the increase in troops that has been recommended by the president, [the wounded troops] say anybody who's over there knows the value of backup and we should be behind this. When you're out in that situation in danger, you want to know you've got backup. Only one guy said he wasn't going back to Iraq, and he had been wounded a couple times. But all the other guys wanted to go back. One young woman, a very attractive young woman, had her leg amputated. But she says she's going to find a way to get back into it. She just reupped and she said they would find something for her to do."

Saying that he agreed with the Patriot Act, Voight added:

"We know that Hezbollah is here; we know there are cells from different terrorist organizations that are here and operational and that there are others waiting too. So listen, it's a serious business. It's wartime, guys. Because we don't have a continuous attack on our shores, we can get complacent. We've got to all be alert now, we've got to be a part of it and be supportive of our troops for sure."

As far as the MSM and democrats politicizing those in leadership in the Bush Administration:

"It all gets distorted. Rumsfeld was maligned and villainized; he's a hardworking guy, doing the best he can. He's got such a huge responsibility, and if he makes the slightest error, people's lives are at stake. So, you don't think he carries a big weight? He does. Now they've gotten rid of Rumsfeld. Well okay, maybe he didn't have the answer, maybe there was a fresh answer required. But you've got to respect the guys who are out there, working hard as public servants. These guys are good guys. People don't like the war because we don't seem to be winning it. And these people think that if we just walk away everything will be fine, but that's not the case. "

Read the entire interview here.

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