Sunday, April 01, 2007

The "pie incident" with the Attorney General

"There's one in every class," laughed Attorney General Bob McDonnell at lunch Saturday. But let me back up and tell the story.

At the well-attended luncheon at Rowe's (see SWAC Lunch with AG Bob McDonnell), the AG was addressing the group when the wait staff began serving slices of pie for dessert -- chocolate, coconut, and peanut butter. I received a slice of peanut butter so I began to look around to see if anyone would like to trade ... but everyone had already begun to eat theirs.

Then at the table next to mine Alex Davis saw my dilemma and, knowing I was a chocoholic, offered to trade his chocolate pie for my peanut butter. I readily agreed and the trade-off was made between the two tables ... but just as I was reaching for the pie I saw Bob McDonnell look at me; however, not missing a beat, he continued with what he was discussing.

It struck me as funny.

Remember in school when you got caught by the teacher as you were passing notes to your best friend in class? That's what I felt like. I must have had quite a grin on my face because, as he made eye contact around the room, Bob looked at me again but still didn't miss a beat in what he was saying.

The third time he looked at me I was still about to burst grinning ... and this time he said, "Lynn, did I say something funny?"

Yikes! Busted!

"We were just trading pie," I responded to laughter in the room. "But we're listening!"

He laughed and said, "There's one in every class!" And then he went back to what he was discussing.

Glad the AG has a sense of humor....


Anonymous said...

And a great time was had by all...did you mention that the PIE was the BEST-EST!!!!! Thanks for keeping in touch.

zbear and htrain

Anonymous said...

"one" what?

SouthwestBySoutheast said...

Great story. Thanks for sharing!

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Zbear, you are correct ... Mrs. Rowe's pies are great! Thanks for joining us.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Anonymous "3:04" - Use your imagination as to what he meant by " 'one' in every class." I know I can come up with a thing or two.... Suffice to say it was funny.