Thursday, April 19, 2007

"He was a loner"....

How many times over the years have we had violent incidences that were caused by "a loner"? Virginia Tech's massacre on Monday was yet another.

I've often laughed and said I'm a "pack animal" -- that is, I travel in herds. Not that I don't like to have my down time away from the hustle and bustle but, for the most part, I enjoy the interaction of friends and colleagues. I like to have people around me.

Perhaps by hashing out ideas, venting frustration, and being collectively creative it prevents the build-up of anger that happens to "loners" who have no one to talk with ... who have no friends to listen to them or advise them ... and, therefore, they plot and plan and build up perceived injustices ... and then explode into violence.

Riley at Virginia Virtucon has information about the VA Tech gunman's suicide note with this post. It's his opinion, thoughts about the reasons behind the shooting. Some are overreacting to it which only results in shutting down the discussion.


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