Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Party of empty promises....

Nancy Pelosi made all kinds of promises during her coronation as Speaker of the House about working with the minority Republican Party. Yeah, right.

Today's Richmond Times-Dispatch, with the help of Politico.com, takes a look at the first weeks of Pelosi's reign in D.C.

In today's editorial, Promises, Promises, the Times-Dispatch wrote:

  • During the 2006 campaign Pelosi vowed the most ethical House in the history of American government. Among her first acts was promoting the candidacy of ethically questionable Rep. John Murtha during his failed bid for majority leader. Pelosi followed that by nominating ethically questionable Rep. Bill Jefferson (he of $90,000 in-the-freezer fame) to the House Homeland Security Committee. Better judgment (and public outrage) stopped her from appointing ethically questionable Rep. Alcee Hastings to head the House Intelligence Committee.
  • Her leadership team pledged five-day workweeks after years of the supposedly lax three-day variety imposed by GOP House leaders. How taxing is the new schedule? In Congress' first two months, the House held one five-day work week.
  • What about treating the minority Republican Party better than it treated the Dems when they were in the minority? During the flurry of Democratic initiatives in the first few weeks of the 110th Congress, Pelosi opened the floor to the GOP once for its members to propose an alternative.

The Dems ... and their empty promises. Stay tuned ... it has just begun.

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Jackson Landers said...

William Jefferson was stripped of all of his committe assignments by the Democratic caucus and those assignments have not been restored. Whether there was some negotiation where Pelosi considered letting him out of the corner, I couldn't tell you. But the actual decision made was to shut Jefferson out unless the FBI clears him. So I don't think that you really have a reasonable point there.

With regard to how the GOP minority gets treated, it is head and shoulders about the way that the Democrats were as a minority. When we took the House we announced that we were going to wait a few weeks before fixing the rules so that the GOP could get a taste of their own medicine while we pushed through the bills that we felt we had a mandate on. We held to that promise and have since restored more ethical minority rights rules.

You're talking about what happened in January. Tell me about what those rules are like now? Did the Democrats change the rules to grant you more power or did we not? You know that the answer is that we did.

I dare you to have the courage to actually respond to this comment rather than delete it. I dare you to show some backbone. If I'm wrong, say why and be specific. Tell me what these unreasonable restrictions are that the Democrats have made against the minority in Congress.