Thursday, April 19, 2007

VA Tech Tragedy: Home school community mourns one of its own....

The home schooling community has been touched by the senseless tragedy Monday at Virginia Tech.

Lauren McCain, 20, of Hampton, was friends with one of our SWAC area home schoolers and often babysat for the children of one of their professors. She was an undergraduate majoring in international studies and she, too, had been educated at home.

On her MySpace page, Lauren listed “the love of my life” as Jesus Christ. Her family said she became a Christian some time ago.

“Her life since that time has been filled with His love that continued to overflow to touch everyone who knew her,” the family said in a statement.

Her uncle Jeff Elliott told The Oklahoman newspaper that she was an avid reader, was learning German and had almost mastered Latin. She ... had worked at a department store for about a year to save money for college.

She spent several years of her childhood in Oklahoma, but her father’s Navy career also took the family to Florida, Texas, and then to Virginia.

"Lauren had such a sweet innocent heart," Jeanne Meadows, who attended church with her, wrote to "I can bet you at the last moment of her life she was most likely praying for the gunman and forgiving him."

Our thoughts and prayers are with Lauren's family.

Source: MSNBC

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