Thursday, April 12, 2007

Military Mom goes to the Rose Garden....

Received an email today from our former SWAC area Military Mom who now lives in Northern Virginia. Her daughter, stationed with the Air Force in South Korea in 2003, was the one who saw the anti-war protesters' picture online in the local newspaper and asked what was going on in Staunton. Her daughter was one of the reasons we stood on the streets to show support for our troops ... and have continued to do so right up through the recent rally held on March 17.

Military Mom was ecstatic that she and Military Dad have been invited to the White House Rose Garden next Monday to hear President George W. Bush speak. They were invited because of their connection with the military. (Military Mom is an Air Force veteran herself.) She wrote:

Imagine my surprise when I, "the Military Mom," received an invitation from the WHITE HOUSE to hear the President speak in the Rose Garden! Excited ... YOU BET! My daughter, Brandi, has proudly served this country in the USAF for almost 10 years now. It will be such an honor to meet her boss and the man I supported in both elections ... our great President George W. Bush.

Congratulations, Military Mom ... and please tell President Bush how much we respect the job he has done keeping our country safe since 9/11. Not many men have had to shoulder that responsibility but he has shown outstanding leadership while enduring a constant stream of criticism from the Left. God bless you and Brandi, and God bless our country and our President. Have fun with W!

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