Monday, April 30, 2007

Nate's home from Iraq!

Lance Cpl. Nate Salatin, United States Marine Corps, is back from Iraq! He arrived home over the weekend to American flags lining the driveway in rural Augusta County, a reminder of our thanks for his service to our country.

The lush green of the hillsides and mountains must certainly be a sharp contrast to the dull tan-colored sands of Iraq.

As the flags were put in place, Nate's beloved cat, Moofie, joined us to watch ... this elusive cat that won't let anyone but Nate near her ... but it was almost as if she sensed he was coming home. She even jumped up in the back of my van to check out the flags waiting to be put up.

Nate attended his freshman year at Virginia Military Institute and then his Marine Reserve Unit was activated in June 2006 to go to Iraq. His plans are to return to VMI in the fall to continue school.

Welcome home, my friend. You were missed and we're glad God kept you safe in his hands during your time at war. Thank you for your service ... your part ... in keeping us safe from terrorism.

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Semper Fi.

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